Massive Cally’s Caves 2 Update & Steam Release News!

We have just submitted massive updates for Cally’s Caves 2 on iOS and Android.  This update will bring the Cally’s Caves 3 engine to Cally’s Caves 2, and a ton of improvements will come with it.  There are also a ton of bugfixes, and the game has been optimized to run much smoother on iOS and Android devices!

In addition to the mobile updates, we are also very excited to announce that a Steam release of Cally’s Caves 2 is on the way, complete with controller support and graphics options.  We are still working hard on our next game as well, so expect more updates soon!


2 thoughts on “Massive Cally’s Caves 2 Update & Steam Release News!

  1. Since the coin count never adds (always zero) on iOS, you can’t purchase necessary game play elements (triple jump). Upsetting as I paid to remove the advertisements since the game was fun; but, now I am blocked from going forward at level 30. Even though Carly’s Caves 4 is being worked on, this should be fixed.

    1. I’m really sorry about that glitch! uninstall and reinstall from the appstore and it will fix it. you may also have to hit the restore purchases button after this, but it will give you everything that you purchased back. I am so sorry that this glitch happened 😦
      – Jordan

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