Zone 1: The Winding Woods

zone 1

  • The Winding Woods is a lush, overgrown Wilderness teeming with life.
  • The Winding Woods are believed to be the home of the fabled city, Avalon,
  • Travellers have been known to disappear, forever lost on the dark paths.
  • Although, it is said a voice singing a high note guides the way to Avalon.

Hub World: Avalon


  • Once believed to be a myth, the city of Avalon is real.
  • Its exact location is unknown.
  • The Cally Team has decided to make Avalon their Base of Operations.
  • The Base is perfect due to its secret location and bountiful resources.

Zone 2: Outer Rim City

zone 2

  • Outer Rim City is an international trading hub for the grey market.
  • Its location is a well-kept secret held by criminals of all stripes.
  • The Golden Skull Society is believed to control the city.
  • Outer Rim City is sinking into the Sea, due to an ‘incident.’

Zone 3: The GSS Iafrate

zone 3.PNG

  • Once again the U.S.S. Iafrate, this decommissioned Aircraft Carrier, rides again.
  • The G.S.S. salvaged it through the work of the Engineer, Edwin Marlowe.
  • It is now the Engineer’s Base of Operations.
  • The Iafrate has the ability to house and launch hundreds of jets.

Zone 4: U.N. Headquarters

Zone 4

  • The headquarters are the home of all G.S.S. Manufacturing.
  • The design team is led by Richard Dunham, the Architect.
  • This is where all the G.S.S. tech and marketing is conceived.
  • Dunham’s meticulous planning and perfectionism is legendary.

Zone 5: Jade Helm

zone 5

  • Home of the Scientist, Jade Helm is a bunker somewhere in the desert.
  • Here, the Scientist performs tests of a more ‘experimental’ nature.
  • The Scientist is someone you’ve met before.
  • Jade Helm was designed to withstand global nuclear war.

Zone 6: Badlands Outpost

zone 6.PNG

  • Badlands Outpost is where all G.S.S. Soldiers are trained.
  • The Outpost is run by the General, and is on an island somewhere in the Pacific Ocean.
  • Rumors say the General has been alive for over a century, and has never been defeated.
  • All of the G.S.S. human soldiers train here.

Zone 7: Project Exodus

zone 7

  • Project Exodus has been kept germ-free and contained ever since 1986.
  • Here, the Doctor has performed her experiments, and helped guide the G.S.S. to global domination.
  • The Doctor uses large amounts of dangerous gasses to kill any organic material in the base.
  • Project Exodus is capable of launching large-scale attacks on any country on Earth.

Zone 8: The Library of Alexandria

zone 8.PNG

  • A wonder of the ancient world, the Library of Alexandria was believed to be destroyed.
  • However, the Library was secretly moved to a new location before the fire in 48 B.C.
  • Today, the Library is the Home of the Infinity Golem, who guards the Amulet of Valerius.
  • The Amulet of Valerius grants its wearer the power over Life and Death.

Zone 9: Horizon Station

zone 9

  • Horizon Station was originally designed by all countries as a monitoring station to ensure peace.
  • It soon became a symbol of international cooperation, built by engineers from over 40 nations.
  • An incident occurred with the Station’s controlling AI, QWERTY.
  • Horizon Station had to be abandoned, due to the overwhelming danger.

Survival Tower

  • Survival Tower is located on Project Horizon.
  • It was designed by the General as a way to assess soldier ranks.
  • Consisting of seemingly endless floors, the Tower has never been fully beaten.
  • After you beat regular Survival Mode you will unlock more varations to play.

The Caves

  • The setting of Cally’s first 3 adventures, The Caves are in Cally’s backyard.
  • Herbert originally tried to take over the Caves by kidnapping Cally’s parents.
  • Since Cally and Rupert helped Herbert redeem himself, the Caves have grown quiet.
  • Now, wildlife is returning to the areas that used to be their home.