Boss 1: Deranged Direwolf

boss 1

The Deranged Direwolf guards the entrance to Zone 2, and can be a deadly foe.  The result of one of Herbert’s experiments involving radioactive ooze, the Deranged Direwolf grew to a monstrous size, and turned feral.
Walks left and right, growls and bites Cally if she gets too close.  Can turn around quickly after bite if Cally is behind him.
– In order to beat the Deranged Direwolf, you will have to make full use of Cally’s Double Jump ability.
– Make sure to hit jump the second time when Cally is right at the peak of her first jump to ensure you can clear the Direwolf without colliding with it.
– If you can jump over the Direwolf early enough, it will skip the growl/bite and therefore not turn around, giving Cally the maximum amount of time to fire her weapons at it.

Boss 2: King Carl III

boss 2

King Carl III is the descendant of the Royal House of Carl, which has ruled the muddy areas just inside the Caves’ entrance for generations.  Cally has encountered and defeated Carl III’s father and grandfather in the previous Cally’s Caves games.  While the previous King Carls were fearsome opponents, Carl III made an alliance in an attempt to gain godlike powers.  In exchange for being experimentally enhanced, Carl III allowed Herbert to run his experiments within his borders, leading to the entire slime population being corrupted.
Spits wall of slimes at Cally before splitting into 4 small mini-Carls.  Cally must destroy all 4 mini-Carls to summon Carl’s main form back when she can do damage.  Each time all 4 mini-Carls are defeated, Carl III loses a big chunk of health.
– Make sure to time a parry with King Carl’s reforming, as he will always immediately spit a wall of slimes at you.
– Each mini-Carl will always drop a heart when it dies, so if you can avoid losing 4 hearts each round, you can keep your HP within safe levels.
– King Carl only appears in his full form briefly, so make sure you use a weapon that will do the most damage in a small amount of time.

Boss 3: Buzz the Terrible Tarantula

boss 3

Buzz the Terrible Tarantula and his spider minions control the Forgotten Forest area of the caves.  Spiders already have a twisted nature, but when waste from Herbert’s experiments poisoned the Forgotten Forest, Buzz grew to be as big as a human, and became fully evil.  Buzz guards the entrance to the Eagles Peak, the mountain that the Caves lie beneath.
Buzz starts out climbing on the backwalls, then shoots a stream of web projectiles at Cally.  It is possible to dodge the web projectiles, but if one hits Cally she becomes trapped in the web and must use her sword attack to get free.  When Buzz finishes shooting the webs, he burrows into the backwall and 3 spider minions drop down from the ceiling.  After Cally defeats the 3 spider minions, Buzz will climb down the middle of the backwall area, rest on the ground for a brief pause, then lunge at Cally.  After the lunge, Buzz climbs back to the backwalls and fires his webs again.
– The easiest way to dodge the webs is to time it so that you are running under Buzz as he is firing them.
– Make note of the spots where the spider minions fall, so you aren’t under them when it happens.
– Only the sword attack can destroy the webs if Cally is trapped.
– When Buzz drops to the ground is the best time to damage him, but try to be jumping to the edge of the room when he lunges, to avoid getting hit.

Boss 4: the Balding Eagle

boss 4

The Balding Eagle was once a noble beast, and is still as magnificent and regal as an Eagle should be.  Unfortunately, fumes from an explosion in Herbert’s Lab gave the Eagle brain damage, and caused it to attack anyone that came near the crown of the Eagle’s Peak.  While Herbert’s henchman have reached an uneasy alliance with the wild predator, the Eagle’s behavior is unpredictable and there have been many complications.  Unfortunately for Cally, the path to Herbert’s lair lies just beyond where the Eagle resides.
The Eagle begins by raining down sharp feathers from its perch, then takes off to fly.  In the first stage of the boss fight, the Eagle flies left, then right across the top of the screen, raining down feathers along the way.  After that he will return to his perch and spray feathers everywhere again.  After the Eagle has crossed a certain HP threshold, it will cease doing the flyover behavior, and instead take off to the very top of the level.  It will then do a dive bomb towards Cally.
– The Spike Gun can help reduce the amount of feathers you have to dodge.
– Don’t climb up to the Eagle’s perch area if he is about to return from flight.
– You can also use a spike in the wall to shield Cally from the feathers that the Eagle throws while its flying over.
– When it gets to the dive bomb stage, a little warning sign will pop up right next to Cally to indicate its time to get out of the way.  Try to have the Eagle dive to the middle area of the level, then jump left to avoid the dive bomb.
– The Eagle’s dive bomb is so powerful, that it will stun Cally for a couple seconds if she is on the ground when he hits.
– You can then shoot the Eagle without risk of it hitting you on its flight back to the perch.

Boss 5: Shelly the Hive Queen

boss 5 2

Shelly and her worker bees took over the area that is known as the Lost Village a while ago, but were only recently mutated by Herbert’s experiments.  Where once a great civilization lived, now there are only corrupted bees, waiting to attack anyone that wanders into the Village.  Herbert gave Shelly custom built armor to shield her weak spots, making hear nearly invulnerable.
Shelly starts off sitting on her hive and summons waves of stingers at Cally.  There are 3 hiding spots where Cally can stay safe from the stingers, but those blocks get damaged and destroy over time.  Shelly is also invulnerable at this time.  After the stingers finish, Shelly flies up and rushes the player, stinger-first.  If she hits the player, she flies back to her hive and calls the stingers again, staying invulnerable the whole time.  If Cally gets out of the way and Shelly hits the ground, Shelly is stunned and is vulnerable to attack for a few seconds.
– The Spike Gun can help destroy many of the stingers.
– a powered-up flamethrower is probably the best weapon to use on Shelly to make the most of her short period of vulnerability
– In a pinch, the parry can also keep you safe from the stingers
– Try to stay as far left as possible when Shelly dives.

Boss 6: Cyborg Colossus mk. 4


The Cyborg Colossus has been Herbert’s pet project for a long time now, however an accident and a few encounters with Cally have forced him to rebuild the Colossus several times.  As usual, the Colossus mk. 4 has Melvin as it’s command unit.  The mk 4. model is almost twice as big as the last Colossus Cally encountered, and wields an upgraded mace and heat-seeking missiles.
The Cyborg Colossus rotates between rushing Cally/swinging his mace, and launching heat seeking missiles from his backpack.  He has no stunned mode, and alternates between his behavior quite quickly, forcing the player to stay moving and utilize the parry.
– the Colossus’ missiles do a great deal of damage if parried back at the Colossus.
– Try to remain jumping over top of the Colossus to the side he is farthest from.

Boss 7: Herbert’s Hovership

boss 7

After the destruction of Herbert’s Battle Tank in Cally’s Caves 2, Herbert knew he needed a new machine that could help him retain control over the Caves.  With the help of Melvin, Herbert created his Hovership, a flying platform with a massive laser and a claw that can be used for battle, or construction.  The Hovership has strong titanium armor, meaning it’s only weakness is its control center, Melvin.
Herbert’s Hovership travels left and right across the boss level, periodically firing it’s massive laser and sweeping across the ground with it.  Every once in a while the Hovership will move to resting position and fire its claw, which seeks Cally.  Once the claw grabs Cally, it attempts to carry her over to the lava pit to the right of the level and drop her in it (causing instant defeat).   As the Hovership gets more damaged, Melvin starts to panic and speeds the movement of the Hovership up.
– The only area of Herbert’s Hovership that is vulnerable to damage is Melvin.
– Herbert’s Hovership acts as a moving platform, allowing Cally to jump up and stand on it to attack or avoid the laser.
– The claw can only be damaged by guns.
– Try using a Ham Sandwhich before the boss battle to make it go a lot quicker.
– Make sure you have upgraded your sword a couple of times.

Boss 8: Herbert

boss 8

Herbert is Cally’s arch-nemesis and has been trying to seize control of the Caves for years now.  He wasn’t always evil, though.  Once, Herbert was friends with Cally’s parents, and he used to act as a healer, using his knowledge of science and medicine to help the people of Merryfeather.  His wife and son, Rupert, were also active members of the community.  Three years ago, an “incident” happened that seemed to twist Herbert into the evil monster we know him as today.  His motivations for taking over the Caves are unclear.
Herbert is a flying boss, who summons heat-seeking missiles, shoots a circle of lasers, and fires platform-destroying giant saw blades.  The battle takes place over a lava pit, and as it goes on, Herbert will start destroying the platforms that Cally can jump on to avoid falling into the Lava.  Herbert starts by shooting a bunch of lasers in a circular spread, then he flies to the left side of the room and fires the lasers again.  After this he flies to the right side and once again fires the lasers.  Next, he will return to the middle of the room and summon a batch of heat-seeking missiles.  The missiles travel at different speeds, making parrying them in a rhythmic fashion difficult.  After he fires the missiles, he will shoot a few platform-destroying saw blades, which will take away some of the places for Cally to jump to.  After shooting the blades, Herbert will cycle back to the beginning of his behaviors, and repeat.
– Herbert’s missiles can be very difficult to parry due to travelling at different speeds.  Try using the spike gun to counteract this.
– There are a couple of platforms in the room that can’t be destroyed by Herbert’s saw blades, like the one near where Cally’s parents are tied up.
– The laser is probably the best weapon to damage Herbert quickly, but will not help with his heat-seeking rockets.
– Use a ham sandwich consumable for this battle, and make sure you have some chicken legs as well, as it is a long battle.

5 thoughts on “Bosses

  1. Cyborg Colossus mk. 4 is too overpowered any nice tips or guns I can use against it. Hey developers can you nerf the boss. Can’t defeat it at all

      1. (Linkin park song plays) I tried so hard to defeat that boss. In the end I could not succed. Plz help me fast or I will die and in the end it does fucking matter.

      2. and you the store super close so just buy a ham sandwich it will help alot to kill him!

  2. Yeah, he’s hard but manageable. Use the spike gun to block his missiles or use the sword to parry them. You should have regen at this point so just jump over his mace swings and you should be fine.

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