• Cally, the Hero of Mayfeather, is a 11-year-old adventurer.
  • Cally’s skills were sharpened when Herbert, under the influence of the G.S.S. kidnapped her parents and took over the Caves.
  • Cally is confident in her skills after finally helping Herbert redeem himself.



  • Lloyd is a musician and a friend of Cally’s family.
  • In the past, Lloyd has acted as a guide and mentor for Cally.
  • He has released several EPs of his recordings.
  • Lloyd’s favorite instrument is his guitar, which he calls ‘S’.



  • Rupert is Herbert’s son, and Cally’s best friend.
  • Rupert aims to become an inventor one day.
  • Rupert was cursed by a dark power when he was an infant.
  • Cally and Rupert have now been searching for a cure for Rupert’s curse for 3 years.



  • Bera is one of Cally’s best friends, and has even saved Cally’s life before.
  • Her mother, Mama Bear, was turned evil by Herbert’s experiments, and at the time Cally had to battle Bera’s Mom, as she had no choice.
  • But later, Cally helped Bera rescue Mama Bear and bring her home.



  • Herbert has a long and complicated history: his son, Rupert, was born with a curse.  His wife died tragically during an attempt to heal the curse, sending Herbert over the edge.  He then enlisted the help of Melvin and the Golden Skull Society.
  • He Kidnapped Cally’s parents and attempted to take over the Caves.  But deep down, he was tortured by grief and misguided.
  • Cally and Rupert were able to talk some sense into Herbert, after an Epic Battle.
  • Now Herbert uses his flying ability to help Cally get to the different G.S.S. Bases.



  • Sam’s parents were kidnapped by the leader of the G.S.S..
  • Remembering what it felt like to have her parents kidnapped, Cally offered to help Sam.
  • Sam’s favorite musician is Billie Holiday.



  • Cally’s older sister, Robin has been on many adventures of her own.
  • When in town, in between quests, she usually runs Robin’s Cafe.
  • Robin wears her signature Tactical Vest, that provides lots of weapon storage.
  • Robin loves to play video games in her spare time.