A collection of our #screenshotsaturday posts for the Cally’s Caves Series!  These are all works in progress.  Follow us at @callyscaves .  Check out what everyone else is working on at

image3 IMG_0404 image1 image2

trailer gif.gif scrapgun split mod.gif jets.gif

new waterfall wolf final cally 3 gif waterfall2 gif

Screenshot 2015-06-16 15.09.21 Screenshot 2015-04-19 14.58.55 More Blades! Robin1

bera gif 2 carl2 blad eagle gif icon_test02

Bera Close Untitled-1 copy Screen 2 Screen 3

Screenshot 2015-01-17 08.22.53 Screenshot 2015-01-17 08.23.57 Screenshot 2014-12-27 10.31.46 Screenshot 2014-12-27 10.33.19

Bera zone Screenshot 2015-10-01 13.52.25 Screenshot 2015-10-02 12.23.41 Screenshot 2015-10-05 14.52.33(2)

melvinszone Screenshot 2015-09-28 18.32.27 Screenshot 2015-09-30 18.48.51 Screenshot 2015-09-23 15.48.43

croppedy cally and lloyd cluster bomb herbert

capsule_lg copy bear_dmg  heavywalk03_strip47  herbert


balor 2  cyborg coloss herbert level up


Cally003a Cally004b Cally005 concept001a_zps83999af3

cally find screen

4 thoughts on “Gallery

  1. Cally’s new look is great. I just wish there was more to her character. Platforming characters are defined by their personalities. You don’t eat a single meal in all of Sonic but you know what his favorite is. We’ve never seen Mario outside of the mushroom kingdom, but we know where he’s from and what his occupation is. Cally is an unstoppable war machine that never quits, or ages. I always assumed she was mechanical in nature like Astroboy or Megaman, but apparently this isn’t the case? How about her sister? Why does she explode when she dies? She doesn’t respond to anything with emotion, and when she sees her sister its like, sup. The tone of the dialog is so very devoid of anything resembling its own voice. Imagine any of it spoken verbally in a TV show, and it would be monotone and spoken by the same individual. I would say this is due to the fact they’ve been through a lot of fighting and are dealing with the psychological fallout, but I hope you can agree with me that’s being quite kind. The heavy lifting of your ever growing world is still in the imagination of its players, and that’s fine. We already have to with the light level design and plot, and we’re glad to. Characters though, we need a bit more than that. We can fill in the blanks in why someone would put a meeting table and six chairs on a bkz floating in midair over a waterfall. What we can’t do is guess if Cally ever gets scared, angry, or enjoys what she does. We don’t know if the greater world is aware of her or if the enemy find her notorious. Is she the Gordon Freeman of her people, or just a lone wolf with friends in the underground. Isbtherr anything that would push her buttons and make her go into a rage. If not, is she made of steel? Where did the person inside of Cally go? With all the gun leveling, and note collection and pieces of ancient calendars to put together, Cally herself is still a puzzle with no pieces to be found. Yet she is the most colorful and interesting character to the player in the game. Let the girl find herself. That’s what being a kid is all about. Even if they’re firing razer sharp discblades at ninja schoolgirls and killer robots with itchy trigger fingers. Being a kid is all about discovering who you are. So whose the girl whose name is on the tin, really? Those blonde twintails can’t keep selling the game forever. ❤

  2. Hey there. I just recently played Cally’s Caves 3 on ios, and absolutely loved the game. There are really no other good 2D sidescroll platformers on mobile. Well, there are some gorgeous looking games that are hell to play. But this game has a true old school feel, and good responsive controls. I have very few issues with the game. So few, they’re not worth wasting your time on, considering it’s an older game with more than one follow-ups since.
    One thing I noticed is that your approach to music in the game is particularly interesting in the way that the levels are not musically thematic, as in, each level, or area, doesn’t have its own specific song. I’ve never seen that before in a game. I also love a lot of the songs, and noticed a real difference in musical approach with each new Cally’s Caves instalment.
    I create a lot of chip tunes in my spare time, and am actually very interested in making some music for one of your games. If you’re at all interested, don’t hesitate to e-mail me and I’ll send you some of my tunes.
    Either way, thank you for making a good platformer on ios.

    1. Hey man, thanks for posting this comment! I’m so glad you enjoyed the music in the games, it took a lot of blood sweat and tears to make haha. I would love to hear some of your music!

      1. That’s awesome. I love seeing when someone’s hard work pays off (at least I’m hoping it has paid off for you) 🙂 What’s the best platform on which to share a couple of wav files?

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