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Lots of people have requested us to publish the locations of the final forms and collectibles in Cally’s Caves 3.  So until we have the time to make a nice video for our Youtube Channel, here are the locations of everything for those that are looking:

Weapon/Final Form Locations

  • Pistol – have it by default
  • Pistol Final Form – Level 38+
  • Shotgun – level 3
  • Shotgun Final Form – level 48+
  • Assault Rifle – level 14
  • Assault Rifle Final Form – Bonus 1
  • RPG – level 23
  • RPG Final Form – Bonus 3
  • Bomb – level 28
  • Bomb Final Form – level 67+
  • Mine – level 69
  • Mine Final Form – level 93+
  • Laser – level 87
  • Laser Final Form – level 101+
  • Bladegun – level 77
  • Bladegun Final Form – Reward for Beating Survival Mode
  • Flamethrower – Level 63
  • Flamethrower Final Form – Level 85+
  • Sniper – Purchased with Survival Mode(iOS)/level 101 (Android)
  • Sniper Final Form – Level 105+
  • Boomerang – Level 48
  • Boomerang Final Form – Level 78+
  • Spike Gun – Level 39
  • Spike Gun Final Form – Level 74+


Collectible Locations


  • level 7
  • level 13
  • level 24
  • level 30
  • level 40
  • level 49
  • level 70
  • level 79
  • level 90
  • level 94
  • level 100
  • level 107
  • level 4+
  • level 16+
  • level 35+
  • level 55+
  • level 71+


  • level 21
  • level 31
  • level 33
  • level 43
  • level 54
  • level 66
  • level 70
  • level 77
  • level 80
  • level 84
  • level 92
  • level 93
  • level 102
  • level 105
  • level 107
  • level 108
  • level 9+
  • level 18+
  • level 25+
  • level 30+
  • level 43+
  • level 58+
  • level 66+
  • level 83+


  • level 9
  • level 18
  • level 27
  • level 35
  • level 39
  • level 47
  • level 49
  • level 52
  • level 59
  • level 66
  • level 72
  • level 81
  • level 85
  • level 91
  • level 95
  • level 96
  • level 102
  • level 104
  • level 107
  • level 108


  • level 7+
  • level 11+
  • level 12+
  • level 15+
  • level 17+
  • level 25+
  • level 27+
  • level 28+
  • level 34+
  • level 39+
  • level 41+
  • level 49+
  • level 51+
  • level 56+
  • level 66+
  • level 77+
  • level 81+
  • level 84+
  • level 93+
  • level 95+
  • level 100+
  • level 107+

295 thoughts on “Weapons & Collectibles

  1. trying to find final version of weapons, above you mention shotgun found in level 3. been all over level 3 don’t see it. is the list above for ios version or goid for android too?

      1. Well I know this is overdue and I’m pretty late but I’ve been on these levels so much and can’t find them.
        I don’t get ir

      2. if you go to level 48 in New Game + mode, and then go to the top right corner of the level, you will find it. You can refer to this screenshot from the level editor:

        the shotgun is in the top right where the mouse pointer is

      3. Hey dude I think you missed the Melvin zone weapons, such as the slime gun and the Web shooter, I’m just wondering what the location of they are, also, what is your YouTube channel name.

      4. Ah yes I need to add those! My YouTube channel name is “mrjordanfwc”, if you search callys caves trailer you should be able to find it

    1. Yeah, me too but I bought both the IAPs, advertisements still appear AND I didn’t get the sniper. I found the final form, strangely enough.
      Please fix it

  2. Hi, been addicted to this game, I had finished the game and playing new game +.
    I have realized weapon mods is not working at all, do I have to get the final form in order for those mods to work? Please reply as I had purchased plenty of mods hoping it would work but it never :/

    1. Hey Stephen,
      Thanks so much for playing! The mods should be working, but the one step that’s missing is you just have to go to the mod screen in the pause menu, and actually tap the mod icon next to the weapon you want to equip. This will then make the mod “active” and you should see the visual result of it when playing. We definitely didn’t explain that well enough in the game, so my apologies for that!

    1. hmm i am really sorry to hear about this glitch, which platform are you playing on? if its ios, i would advise trying to restore purchases, then go back in the game and see if the blade gun upgrades again. if its on PC we can edit the save file

      1. I can’t enter that place. Is there a solution?. I already get to bonus 3, but i enter glitched and no way to continue. I resetted the game and diary pieces are gone, damn i need to get all again. Now that diary piece is the problem how do i get that?.

      2. Unfortunately, there is no way to get it then if the bera section glitched. I am really sorry about that. It’s the number one regret i have from cc3. I promise nthing like this will happen in our future games

  3. Why don’t you move that piece to a cally’s section in a update? That is the solution, or add a breakablr wall to access the piece?. Or a option to enter AGAIN to bonus levels. I already get to bonus 3 but glitched is there no other way to reenter it besides collecting again the pieces.

  4. Hi, I accidentally went out from Bonus 3 level without picking up the RPG final form…. is there any way to access that level again?

      1. Thanks for the reply, but the problems is that the diary pieces are not showing anymore. Also in the stats the “Dieries collected” is 18/16. There is any way I could fix it?

      2. ok, go to:

        and open up savefile.ini

        go down until you find the variables “bonusreceived” and “bonusvisited” and set them all to 0.0000, save the .ini file and exit and restart the game.
        That should make it check again and see that you have all the collectibles, but haven’t been to the bonus level yet, and hopefully it will send you there

      3. Thank you! It didn’t work, but I modified the “diary##found” lines to 0 and I can collect them again, hopefully it will bring me back to the bonus level!

      4. Ok yes sorry, I know there is some variable that saves that triggers it but that just must not be it. Glad to hear you at least found a workaround

  5. Why some collectibbles locations isn’t sure : 71+,85+
    Why not 74 or 87?
    You are the creator!
    Pls sure numbers or videó on your youtube channel.

  6. How do I unlock new game plus and survival? I have to buy it? And I got 3 or 4 finals forms and I can’t use them, how do I use them? I didn’t beat the game yet, because I was going to bet it with everything.

    1. which platform are you playing on? If it’s iOS you have to buy the extra modes, any other platform its all included. The final forms you still need to level the weapon up to 19 before they kick in

  7. I’ve found the final form of the slime gun and bow but I haven’t bought the game (yet) will I have to buy the game before I can level them up?

  8. Hi! First off, I love the game and I’m super excited for the next one, secondly, what do I have to collect to get the assault rifle final form? And lastly, when the next game comes out for Android, will there be a way to buy something to get rid of the adds?

    1. The assault rifle final form is hidden in one of the bonus rooms, which means finding the collectibles to get there. Hopefully there will be on Android, it’s just that piracy is kinda bad on it 😀

      1. Aww, sorry to hear about the piracy, but I’m still excited for the next game!!! And thank you for getting back so quickly, it’s great to see that from game devs.

      2. Umm I’ve been trying to find the bow in the game but I can’t seem to find it. Can you help me?

  9. 1st: Wondering if issue was fixed when getting final form of Bladegun after beating survival mode? Does final form stay in inventory when returning to regular or + modes?
    2nd: Had to get new phone so had to restart game from beginning and thought people might like list in order of levels, I find it easier to go through game and collect things.
    3rd: Love this game and hoping there will be a CC4! Thanks for the hard work you all did to bring Cally’s Caves to mobile devices!!!

    1. – Pistol – have it by default
      – Level 3: Shotgun
      – Level 7: Diary
      – Level 9: Record
      – Level 13: Diary
      – Level 14: Assault Rifle
      – Level 18: Record
      – Level 21: Orb
      – Level 23: RPG
      – Level 24: Diary
      – Level 27: Record
      – Level 28: Bomb
      – Level 30: Diary
      – Level 31: Orb
      – Level 33: Orb
      – Level 35: Record
      – Level 39: Record
      – Level 39: Spike Gun
      – Level 40: Diary
      – Level 43: Orb
      – Level 47: Record
      – Level 48: Boomerang
      – Level 49: Record
      – Level 49: Diary
      – Level 52: Record
      – Level 54: Orb
      – Level 59: Record
      – Level 63: Flamethrower
      – Level 66: Orb
      – Level 66: Record
      – Level 69: Mine
      – Level 70: Diary
      – Level 70: Orb
      – Level 72: Record
      – Level 77: Orb
      – Level 77: Bladegun
      – Level 79: Diary
      – Level 80: Orb
      – Level 81: Record
      – Level 84: Orb
      – Level 85: Record
      – Level 87: Laser
      – Level 90: Diary
      – Level 91: Record
      – Level 92: Orb
      – Level 93: Orb
      – Level 94: Diary
      – Level 95: Record
      – Level 96: Record
      – Level 100: Diary
      – Level 101: Sniper – Purchased with Survival Mode(iOS)
      – Level 102: Orb
      – Level 102: Record
      – Level 104: Record
      – Level 105: Orb
      – Level 107: Record
      – Level 107: Diary
      – Level 107: Orb
      – Level 108: Orb
      – Level 108: Record
      – Level 4+: Diary
      – Level 7+: Memento
      – Level 9+: Orb
      – Level 11+: Memento
      – Level 12+: Memento
      – Level 15+: Memento
      – Level 16+: Diary
      – Level 17+: Memento
      – Level 18+: Orb
      – Level 25+: Orb
      – Level 25+: Memento
      – Level 27+: Memento
      – Level 28+: Memento
      – Level 30+: Orb
      – Level 34+: Memento
      – Level 35+: Diary
      – Level 38+: Pistol Final
      – Level 39+: Memento
      – Level 41+: Memento
      – Level 43+: Orb
      – Level 48+: Shotgun Final
      – Level 49+: Memento
      – Level 51+: Memento
      – Level 55+: Diary
      – Level 56+: Memento
      – Level 58+: Orb
      – Level 66+: Orb
      – Level 66+: Memento
      – Level 67+: Bomb Final
      – Level 71+: Diary
      – Level 74+: Spike Gun Final
      – Level 77+: Memento
      – Level 78+: Boomerang Final
      – Level 81+: Memento
      – Level 83+: Orb
      – Level 84+: Memento
      – Level 85+: Flamethrower Final
      – Level 93+: Mine Final
      – Level 93+: Memento
      – Level 95+: Memento
      – Level 100+: Memento
      – Level 101+: Laser Final
      – Level 105+: Sniper Final
      – Level 107+: Memento
      – Bonus 1: Assault Rifle Final
      – Bonus 3: RPG Final
      – Beat Survival: Bladegun Final

      1. FYI, you have 17 diary locations but game only indicates 16. I had to get new phone so started over and have new list that included abilities and powers. I’ll sent complete list once I finish game again. Missed few things last time around so my list is more detailed so easier for me to check things off.

      1. Hello! Im super egsited for CC4, so… is it comeing out 2017 final 3rd or the 1st half of 2018?(im trying to hold myself off from spaming OMG OMG OMG.).

      2. thank you for your support! The game should be out for iOS in october or november, but its too early to say for sure. We are about 90% done the game now, but its just that theres still a lot of work to do before the finish!

  10. What is the games +s like for example Level 66+ like what are these I loved ur callys games the 2nd and 3rd ones was da best da 1st was idk meh but all the others were good im 10 years old plz reply and tell me i live ur game

    1. also I wish your family a good year god bless u and everyone u know if only ur games were more popular more people would come and rate them ur game is amazing

      1. and I have a suggestion where you team with herbert to stop like a super villain who would make the world his empire and herbert will provide you powerups and yea if u think its a good idea plz reply sayyin yes if u say no its ok il still prob have a smile on my face when the next game comes out and find out whos the villain

      1. cool and also one more thing is it possible you can make bosses more difficult I mean yea they are pretty easy if you ask me besides the balding eagle Herbert and shelly the hive queen and also I think you might wanna lower the amount of stuff you get in Melvin zone xD its amazing for getting gold mainly gems my max iv ever got with Melvin was like 4M gold xDDD besides iv got enough gold to last a life time so no prob if u decrease the amount but if you don’t I’m not complaininalso is there a release date for cally’s caves 3?????????? and 1 more thing I saw a frame issue I don’t know if its ment to be theyre but I saw Herbert when defeated you go through all the enemys the creadits basicly and at the last frame I see Herbert standing by the one and only hovership boss Ok bye ty for da reply!

  11. I got 1st 3 records again at levels 9, 18 and 27 and 2 days ago stats said I had 3 of 20, today it says I have 2 of 20 and looked in all levels I mentioned and they are not there. Have Android phone, please advise.

      1. I have Samsung Galaxy S5, play off line. Is there a way to play online? I’ve played game almost all the way through twice, this is my 3rd time. Because play off line game only saves to device so when have device issues and have to download again I start over. Love the game and want to finish it with 100% which makes it hard to do with the glitches I’ve mentioned in previous posts. I do want to thank you all for your continued support and can’t wait to finish game, hopefully once I get 100% CC4 will be available.

  12. So far this is what my check off list looks like:
    – Pistol – have it by default
    – Level 3: Shotgun[x]
    – Level 7: 1st Diary[x]
    – Level 7: Charge Shot[x]
    – Level 9: 1st Record[x]
    – Level 13: 2nd Diary[x]
    – Level 14: Assault Rifle[x]
    – Level 18: 2nd Record[x]
    – Level 20: Triple Jump [x]
    – Level 21: 1st Orb[x]
    – Level 23: RPG[x]
    – Level 24: 3rd Diary[x] need roll
    – Level 26: Roll[x]
    – Level 27: 3rd Record[x] need bomb
    – Level 28: Bomb[x]
    – Level 30: Power[x]
    – Level 30: 4th Diary[x]

      1. Yes, 100% everything. I was reading other posts, is there a way to modify game file to reset records so I don’t have to start the game over?

      2. it depends on what platform you are on, on android you would have to find a way to access the ini file but if you could it would be possible

  13. Two things. One, I think I found the glitch where you don’t get the final Bladegun, which would imply that I’m using the ios version of the game. (I’m playing on the original Kindle Fire.) Oh well, I guess I don’t use the bladegun that much. Two, you say that you need to purchase stuff to unlock the sniper rifle, but when I got the app, everything was already ‘purchased’, the purchase button was dark and wouldn’t let me click on it, and I didn’t have the rifle. I’ve scoured level 101 just in case, but I can’t find it. Recommendations?

  14. I found 15/16 diaries. You’ve got a list on this page with 17 locations for the diaries, I’m not sure what that means. There are two locations I didn’t find a diary, stage 90 and 35+. At stage 90 there seems to be a secret area at the right side of the door to 91, but I’ve tried everything I could think of to get there, using spikes to climb up there. But it requires a roll to get through the small passage, and I can’t get it to work standing on a spike. Any suggestions? Is the missing diary in that location? Thanks!

    1. hello! Sorry for the late reply again, for the collectible with the roll that is tough, you need to jump up out of the level a bit to the left of that area! I so regret putting in those types of secrets, sorry about that :/

      1. hay devs i persunly like the offscreen secrets cuz it makes the players literuly think outside the box

  15. I literally stumbled across this game, and all I have to say it it is absolutely amazing. I’m wasting my time away, but still I love it.
    I just had to questions. I was playing the Bera’s Quest, and the first few times I played the game every hit would damage the enemy by four. Now when I play, it damages the enemy by one. Is there something that you need to do to upgrade the bear? Sorry if it’s a stupid question but please let me know the answer. Thank you again for the game.

    1. Hey Tyvock! Thank you so much for checking out the game! Bera’s attack is tied to the melee power upgrades… that sounds like a bug and I will need to look into that. The code that brings it back to 1 was made to limit it in case something goes wrong and bera’s melee power is increased too high. Let me look into it and get this bug figured out!

  16. Hey I recently redownloaded the game and got to level 85+ where the final flamethrower is supposed to be but the wepaon isn’t there yet the light beam is. Anything I can do to fix this without deleting all my progress ? Thanks

    1. which level is your flamethrower? The final form can be picked up, but you have to max the weapon to active the final form. (sorry about that)

  17. For Cally’s Caves 3, I’m curious if my weapon level should go past 10. I’ve gotten to the same level as a friend whose weapons are 14 or 16, but mine capped out at 10. Am I missing something?

  18. I’m playing through yet again, after fully completing the game when it first launched. (Erasing the data is a scary thing to do after putting in weeks and weeks of work, haha!)
    Anyway, I have beat the main game, the + game, Qwerty, and last night I completed the 3 rounds of Survival… but I did not get the final form of the Discgun (which has been at level 24 for days). Now what?

    1. Yes it is possible to access the bonus rooms again. Unfortunately you have to collect the diaries again! This was an issue so we changed the system in cc4 so there would be bonus room “doors” that are easy to access the bonus rooms again. I’m sorry for the inconvenience

      1. But apparently. Unlike the Records which are respawn in the world after you collected it all, the Diaries stays 16/16 and didn’t respawn.
        I think this is a glitch.

      2. You should be able to edit the save file. Go to c:/users/your username/appdata/local/cc3_steamgreenlight and look in the .ini files within, there should be a “diaries collected” variable you can set back to 0, then save the file and exit. When you restart the game and go to a new level it should check for the diaries, see you’ve collected them all, and take you back to the bonus room

      3. Oh thank you very much it’s working.
        I changed “diary1found” to 0 while keeping the rest 1, then “featherscollected” to 15. After that, I only need to collect the 1st diary.
        Seems like I found the glitch, it was from “bonus3visited” = 3.
        After I changed it to 0, I can warp to the bonus room as well as the diaries collected reverted back to 0.

        Thank you for the time, dev.

      4. Bonus3visited! Sorry I thought it was diariescollected! Either way I’m glad you got it. And no problem, I’m sorry for the hassle

      1. Is there a link to the level guides on the website, can’t find them, thanks

      2. It should be in the menu under Cally’s Caves 3 guides or Cally’s Caves 4 dossier! You can find them by tapping on the menu button

  19. Hi there,
    I’m playing on Steam, trying to do 100% achievements, can’t find all orbs thou. I looked on all indicated by you levels, but i still miss one i think. Are the level numbers correct in this guide? Please help 🙂
    Oh, and have a nice day 😉

    1. Hi there! The numbers are correct but there is a small bug with the orbs (it’s happened to a lot of people). If you find the save file in “c:/users/your username/appdata/local/supercallysworld/“ you can edit the variables manually in the ini file. I think you’ve collected them all but the achievement isn’t triggering. Try looking for the line “ach_orbscollected” and set it to 0. It will then check the orbs again the next time you enter a level in the game and award the achievement.
      This is my fault so I’m very sorry for the inconvenience!

  20. I can’t get the diary at level 90 because there is a glitch when i control bera at level 93. But look like there are 17 location and the game only need 16 diaries to go to the bonus room 3, so i still can go to bonus room 3 right?

      1. Wow, thanks. By the way, this is a really really good game, best game ever. Thanks for creating this game

  21. So I got all the diaries on the PC version on Steam and I accidentally forgot to get the final form of the RPG. Is there any way to go back to the bonus level and obtain the RPG or do I have to redo the whole game?

    1. Unfortunately, in CC3, I didn’t have enough foresight or sense to make the bonus levels have doors in the hub world 😦
      I’m so sorry about this issue
      – Jordan

      1. It’s ok. Thank you for responding. I have been enjoying Cally’s Cave 3 and it is a great game. Have a good day.

      2. Hey Chicken_Man,
        thank you for your kind comment. If you play CC4, there’s doors in the hub world so you can traverse the bonus areas again 🙂

  22. I Just collected the “Final Pistol” at the beginning of New Game + but it doesn’t show up in my weapons quick list..

    Any help?

    Also, really fun game!!

  23. Hi sorry if this has been already commented. I know I’m late to the party but I started playing CC3 and I grind up the Assault Rifle and finally got all orbs to go to the bonus level. I was dumb and didn’t look around and got teleported out of it. How can I go back to the bonus levels 😦 i just want the AR Final form been grinding so hard for this.

    1. Hey Max!
      Sadly when we were making CC3 we didn’t think of a more convenient way to get back to the bonus levels, so you have to collect all the orbs again 😦 when we made cc4 we corrected this problem by adding doors to the bonus room to the home level. But unfortunately in cc3 it’s possible, but less convenient 😦
      Thanks for playing the game and sorry about this issue

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