• Thugs lie waiting for enemies to approach.
  • If anything gets too close to the Thug, they start punching wildly.
  • Unlike others, it’s difficult to predict the Thug’s movement.
  • The Thug’s attire implies they listen to a lot of punk and metal music.



  • The Enforcer throws a billy club with deadly accuracy.
  • Proximity Sensors in the Enforcer’s Helmet alert him to enemies.
  • The Enforcer is the most common G.S.S. Unit.
  • Best to stay away and Parry.



  • The Centurion uses a fully automatic weapon.
  • Centurions sport Roman-inspired helmets equipped with the latest Unicorp AR Scanner.
  • The further in the game you travel, the more ammo the Centurions have.
  • Vulnerable to attacks from behind.

Football Player

football player

  • Runs a 4.22 second 40-yard dash.
  • Each unit is trained for years under the General.
  • Utilizes Bombs and Bicycle Kick attacks effectively.
  • Your sword won’t stop the Football Player.

Ninja Warrior

ninja warrior

  • Drops in upon enemies crossing through the detection zone.
  • Ninja Warriors are trained from youth at the Badlands Outpost.
  • Capable of attacking while jumping.
  • Immune to Freeze Mod.



  • Cybernetic eye implants offer the Sniper 150x optical zoom.
  • Shots cannot be parried.
  • Snipers are deployed in areas with lots of ground units for protection.
  • Immune to Hold and Freeze Mods.



  • The Chef class is the backbone of the G.S.S.
  • The Chef boasts high HP due to self-healing capacity.
  • Throwable cleaver attack makes the Chef dangerous to approach.
  • Sustained rate of fire is the best way to take a Chef out.



  • Utilizes burst fire at dynamic angles.
  • Troopers have more brawn than brain.
  • Heavy weaponry makes the Trooper’s movement very slow.
  • Immune to Hold and Freeze Mods.



  • Dynamic ranged and melee attacks make the Warrior deadly.
  • Warriors have enhanced peripheral vision from their Visors.
  • Getting close enough to melee attack a Warrior is dangerous.
  • Immune to Hold and Freeze Mods.



  • The Pilot drives a massive Unicorp T2A Lifter.
  • The T2A contains explosive charges, and can launch rockets as well.
  • Due to faulty wiring, damage to the mech makes it shoot randomly.
  • Immune to Hold, Poison, and Freeze Mods.



  • Ninjas can jump or roll, providing great maneuverability.
  • Nunchuk attacks make the Ninja class dangerous to approach.
  • The Ninja’s stealth skills make it impossible to detect their approach.
  • Immune to Freeze Mod.



  • The Poisoner Class is also known as ‘the clean-up crew.’
  • They emit a deadly poison cloud that wipes out anything it touches.
  • Poisoners use a poison grenade to smoke enemies out into the open.
  • Immune to Poison Mod.



  • The Minigunner’s size makes him an easy target.
  • Sprays tons of bullets in wide arcs.
  • Minigunners are extremely dangerous to approach.
  • Immune to Hold and Freeze Mods.



  • Robotic Tank enemy type with heavy armor shielding.
  • Can detect enemies behind it, quickly turn and open fire.
  • Driver bombs may still cause damage if parried.
  • Immune to Hold, Freeze, and Poison Mods.



  • The Seeker enemy won’t stop following you once it locks on.
  • Can bypass walls and move at variable speeds.
  • Due to it’s small size, the Seeker is great at avoiding fire.
  • Immune to Freeze and Poison Mods.



  • Produced en masse at Jade Helm, the Missile is classic cannon fodder.
  • A Missile emits a homing laser if a target gets close.
  • The laser offers a split second warning to the Missile’s location.
  • Immune to Hold, Freeze, and Poison Mods.



  • The Mortar class is most effective at long range.
  • Mortars fire endlessly until their base is taken out.
  • Sometimes there are more than one mortar pit in a level.
  • Immune to Hold, Freeze, and Poison Mods.



  • The Horizontal Turret’s beam attack cannot be parried.
  • The Horizontal Turret’s laser goes through walls.
  • The Omni Turret can shoot in any direction.
  • The Omni Turret’s bullets can be parried.

Practice Droid

practice droid

  • The Practice Droid was Melvin’s first experiment with Teleportation,
  • Vulnerable to melee attacks.
  • Used for combat practice and training by G.S.S. Soldiers.
  • Immune to Hold, Freeze, and Poison Mods.



  • The Swarmer is a low-resource, high-benefit class in the G.S.S. Army.
  • Human soldier classes can deploy Swarmers in large numbers.
  • Swarmers move towards the enemy’s last known position.
  • Immune to Freeze and Poison Mods.



  • Designed for guarding G.S.S. Facilities and assets.
  • Sentries sweep platforms and destroy anyone on them with flame attacks.
  • Don’t get too close to a Sentry, or you will set off their alert mode.
  • Immune to Hold, Freeze, and Poison Mods.

HK Drone

hk drone

  • The HK Minidrones launch when an enemy is nearby.
  • Cluster energy bomb attacks are always followed by a laser.
  • It is unknown whether there are drone pilots, or if it is AI, but their movement is predictable.
  • Immune to Hold, Freeze, and Poison Mods.

HK Tank

hk tank

  • Melvin’s latest masterpiece, the HK Tank class rolled out last year.
  • They are the first G.S.S. Class to fire heat-seeking missiles.
  • Missiles fire in bursts, best to stay hidden or attack from far away.
  • Immune to Hold, Freeze, and Poison Mods.