Boss 1:  Jaeger

boss 1.gif

  • Jaeger was created by Melvin to be Magnus’ personal bodyguard.
  • He is designed to sweep areas with energy projectiles, destroying anything in their path.

Boss 3: The Engineer

boss 3

  • Edwin Marlowe, aka The Engineer, is known for designing weapons.
  • His home base is the Aircraft Carrier, G.S.S. Iafrate.
  • Marlowe uses a Mech Suit for everything, from construction to combat.
  • He designed Light Ray weapons that incinerate anything in its path.

Boss 4: The Architect

boss 4

  • Richard Dunham, aka the Architect, is not a very spontaneous person.
  • Born into a rich family that owns many of the world’s largest media corporations.
  • Dunham has always been obsessed with planning every meticulous detail.
  • He plays a lot of chess on his computer.

Boss 5: Melvin

boss 5

  • Melvin is a character from Cally’s Past.  He was the first member of G.S.S. Cally ever met.
  • Melvin’s survivability is off the charts.  He has survived 3 battles with Cally.
  • Since their last encounter, Melvin has undergone quite a transformation.
  • Melvin’s origins and nature are unknown…

Boss 6: The General

boss 6.gif

  • The General is the Golden Skull Society’s greatest warrior, known for training every G.S.S. Soldier personally.
  • The General’s base of operations is the Badlands Outpost.
  • She uses a deadly shell game attack to confuse opponents.
  • Capable of calling down waves of Shurikens from above, The General is also an expert katana thrower.
  • Note the difference between the two types of shell game attacks.
  • She prefers face-concealing, heavily shielded armor.

Boss 7: The Doctor

boss 7

  • Allison Westmoor, aka The Doctor, has been alive for an indeterminate amount of years.
  • She was at 25 at the time of Project Elysium, in 1873.
  • The Doctor is known to be terrified of germs, and only lives in a sterile environment.
  • She started replacing vital organs at some point in the 20th century.
  • It is impossible to tell how much of her is is still biological.
  • The Doctor now serves as the right hand of Ivan Magnus.

Boss 8: Infinity Golem

boss 8

  • The Infinity Golem can only be defeated by someone that is Pure of Heart.
  • Controlled by a mysterious glowing shard.
  • Created by Valerius himself, the Infinity Golem has stood guard over the Amulet for Centuries.
  • Seemingly invulnerable to any direct physical attacks.

Boss 9:  QWERTY

boss 9.gif

  • QWERTY was an AI designed to control all aspects of Horizon Station.
  • Shortly after launch, two crew members had a confrontation.
  • QWERTY attempted to harm one of them, using the airlock.
  • The project was shuttered, and Horizon Station was abandoned.