• The Pistol is effective for fighting all types of enemies.
  • Although it seems basic, it grows very powerful in later levels .
  • Takes a long time to level up after level 10.
  • Works great with the Split Mod.



  • Short-range, spread fire weapon.
  • Small Buckshot projectiles do less individual damage.
  • Best used at close range to guarantee all the shells hit their target.
  • Levelling up the Shotgun will increase its range.



  • It always comes back to you!
  • Boomerangs can go through walls.
  • Great for situations where you need to take cover.
  • Capable of hitting enemies multiple times.



  • Emits a destructive fireball.
  • Great for situations where you need to strafe backwards.
  • Can hit enemies over and over.
  • Levelling up increases the size of the fireball.



  • Does explosive splash damage, making aiming less important.
  • Rocket projectiles have a detonation timer.
  • Heatseeking tiers take the most direct path towards their target.
  • Levelling up makes the rockets fly faster.



  • Fires projectiles in a slight arc.
  • Cally’s favorite weapon for years.
  • The final tier of the bow has a special ability.
  • Best tool for finding hidden areas.


disc gun.PNG

  • Disc projectiles can hit enemies more than once.
  • Projectiles bounce more times as the Discgun levels up.
  • Great for combining with Equipment Mods.
  • Final tier causes maximum chaos.

Sniper Rifle


  • The Sniper Rifle always aims at the closest enemy.
  • Cannot aim straight up or down.
  • Does light damage, but can fire from safe distances.
  • Very useful against flying targets.

Assault Rifle


  • This is the fastest shooting weapon, but its damage is light.
  • Starts off by shooting in a wide spray.  Will grow more accurate.
  • Will shoot faster as you level it up.
  • Great for using while strafing.



  • Blaster Projectiles begin an explosion timer when the first projectile hits an enemy.
  • From there, you should try to get as many hits as possible.
  • The more projectiles attached to an enemy, the bigger the explosion and damage.
  • Shooting rapidly will have the best effect.



  • You used the Scanner to recover this dossier tip.
  • All enemies must be cleared from an area to scan.
  • Refer to the bar above the weapon swap to see if there’s enemies left.
  • A great source of information about the world of Cally’s Caves 4.

Scrap Cannon


  • The Scrap Cannon fires actual scrap you have found.
  • Upon impact, creates shards of smaller scrap that also do damage.
  • Levelling up creates more explosion shards.
  • Don’t shoot away all your scrap!


  • Melee damage upgrades can be bought at Rupert’s Store.
  • Parry damage upgrades can be bought at Rupert’s Store.
  • Sword attacks won’t stop enemies from moving towards Cally.
  • Parry damage increases as Cally levels up.