Cally, a 7-year-old girl from Merryfeather, has had an unfortunate history of witnessing her parents being kidnapped by the nefarious Herbert.  Over the course of her first two quests to save her parents, she learned that she had the ability to take on any challenge and succeed.  Since she has learned a great deal already, she starts Cally’s Caves 3 as a confident hero, who isn’t scared of the challenge ahead of her.  Instead she’s excited to try and help her friend and rescue her parents.



Lloyd is a laid-back guitar player and member of the Merryfeather Community.  Lloyd is a family friend of Cally’s parents, and has helped Cally in the past by providing useful tips and information.  Since the last time we saw Lloyd, he has released a new EP, and is still practicing guitar constantly.  As Cally’s Caves 3 begins, Lloyd returns to help Cally once again.



Rupert is Herbert’s son, and a former classmate of Cally’s (he stopped showing up to class a while ago).  The dark cloud of something that happened in the past is hanging over Rupert, but he’s generally a nice guy.  After witnessing Herbert devolve into an evil villain, Rupert is convinced that his father is just misguided, and there’s really a good person behind Herbert’s facade.  Rupert maintains a roadside farm stand, as it was always his mother’s dream to run a farm stand as a business someday.



Bera is the daughter of Mama Bear, from Cally’s Caves 2.  Unlike Mama bear and the bear enemies from Cally’s Caves 2, Bera managed to escape Herbert’s experiment that turned all the animals evil.  Bera is pretty smart, and knows what happened to her Mom, and is happy to help Cally stop Herbert from causing anymore animals from being corrupted by his evil experiments.



Herbert is an evil genius who has attempted to take over the Caves several times.  He seems to want to corrupt everything in the Caves and harvest all of the natural resources for evil purposes.  All we really know about Herbert is that he left his son Rupert on his own when he disappeared into the Caves 3 years ago, and that he has kidnapped Cally’s parents twice in his attempt to seize control of the Caves.  Otherwise, his motivations are unclear.  Herbert has constructed several large facilities in the Caves, including Herbert’s Lab, and the labyrinthine Inner Sanctum area.



Cally’s sister. Nothing else is known about Robin at this time.



Melvin is a disembodied zombie head, and lead singer of the pop group Melvin and the Holograms.  He is also Herbert’s Henchman, and is installed in some of Herbert’s creations, such as Herbert’s Hovership and the Cyborg Colossus mk. 4.

Bruce and Dolly


Cally’s parents, who are members of the Merryfeather community, and owners of the property the caves are on.  Cally’s parents were shocked when their long-time family friend, Herbert, went crazy under mysterious circumstances and kidnapped them.  Fortunately, they seem to have a history of teaching their children how to go on epic quests, and Cally is well-prepared to come rescue them.

5 thoughts on “Characters

    1. Hey Kevin!
      Robin is in one of the bonus levels you get for collecting all of one type of collectible!
      yep, that character on the left is a costume, which isn’t on the android version!
      Thanks for playing our games!

  1. Sr, I buy 4.99 $ pack in Cally’ Caves 3, but It dont give me anything. Please help me, or refund! 😦

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