Cally’s Caves 3 Announcement!

This shouldn’t come as a shock to anyone reading this.  If you finished the bonus levels in Cally’s Caves 2, or follow us on Twitter or Soundcloud, you probably know that we have been working on Cally’s Caves 3 for some time now.  After the wonderful time we had with Cally’s Caves 2, we decided to put the puzzle game we were working on to the side and try to keep the ball rolling with the Cally franchise.  So, what’s in store for Cally on her next adventure?

Cally 3 Title Promo

Cally’s Caves 3 is another chance for us to aspire to make the best platformer on iOS.  We’ve taken a lot of the feedback we received from the first two games and are putting it to use while developing Cally’s Caves 3.  The biggest change is that we are adding a new game plus mode, which will give players a lot more reasons to come back and keep playing.  After finishing the campaign (124 levels or so), new game plus mode will open up.  Another tier of weapon upgrades will open up, leading towards a god-tier final form for each weapon.  Instead of just making new game plus be like the campaign again but harder, we are adding new enemies and weapon types into new game plus, and the one “true” story ending to the game will be at the end of the new game plus playthrough.

final cally 3 gif

Other new features include a swimming powerup, an all-new store run by a new character, the ability to buy weapon mods to customize each of your guns, and many more which we aren’t ready to discuss yet.  We will be posting Dev Diaries for Cally’s Caves 3 here with more information about the new features.  At this point, we are about 3 and a half months into the development cycle, and we are firing on all cylinders.  We are also happy to have Dave Stanich back on board the VDO Games team full-time, after he took a little break to move to a new city during Cally’s Caves 2 development.  So, thanks for reading our announcement and until our next dev log, happy coding!

Jordan, Pablo and Dave

(Note: You can check out some of the music from Cally’s Caves 3 on our Soundcloud)


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