Cally’s Trials Steam Key Fan Art Competition


Cally’s Trials is releasing on Steam today!   To celebrate, we are going to run the same type of steam key giveaway for anyone that wants to make a fan art of the Cally crew.  Here are the rules:


  1. Make an original fan art of your favorite Cally game character, or group of characters
  2. Post it on Twitter, let us know you are posting it for the Cally’s Trials Steam Key giveaway, and tag us with @callyscaves
  3. We will DM you a steam key!


Streamers/Youtubers: Get Your Early Copy of Cally’s Trials Here!


Dietrich Online Services have been kind enough to set us up with a promoter app to help get copies of Cally’s Trials sent out early to Youtubers and Streamers!  So if you play your games online for others to view, please enter your email here (or click the picture above) and we will get you a key quickly.  We want to say a big thanks to Cody Dietrich for setting us up with this, without the support of awesome people like him, we wouldn’t be able to make games.


Development Diary #22: Cally’s Trials

As we have been working on our next game, we’ve watched Cally’s Caves 3 truck slowly along on Steam to a surprising 83% positive user review average.  A few comments asked if we were going to put Cally’s Caves 1 and 2 on Steam, which led to some tough decisions.  We knew Cally’s Caves 1 would be a lot of work to get ported properly to Steam, but Cally’s Caves 2 is based on the same engine as Cally’s Caves 3, and with 6 weeks of work we were sure we could do a good job of making the game worthy of being on Steam.  These are the changes we made.

Screenshot 2016-06-02 12.42.28.png

Engine Fixes

Cally’s Caves 2 had a lot of heart, but it also had a lot of problems.  We worked extremely hard to polish those rough edges for Cally’s Caves 3.  Being that the games are based on the same basic engine, the bulk of the work to update Cally’s Caves 2 and make it better would be editing a bunch of the engine’s older code that hadn’t been updated since the release of CC3.  So the first thing we did was take a few weeks to bring over all the movement and collision system improvements from CC3 and implement them in CC2.  This addressed one of the major complaints of the iOS/Android version of the game, which was that enemies could kill Cally very fast with rapid hits.  Making the collision changes made the combat with difficult enemies more interesting by allowing Cally to actually get up close and see them, where in the original release getting that close meant instant death.

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Massive Cally’s Caves 2 Update & Steam Release News!

We have just submitted massive updates for Cally’s Caves 2 on iOS and Android.  This update will bring the Cally’s Caves 3 engine to Cally’s Caves 2, and a ton of improvements will come with it.  There are also a ton of bugfixes, and the game has been optimized to run much smoother on iOS and Android devices!

In addition to the mobile updates, we are also very excited to announce that a Steam release of Cally’s Caves 2 is on the way, complete with controller support and graphics options.  We are still working hard on our next game as well, so expect more updates soon!