Weapons & Collectibles

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Lots of people have requested us to publish the locations of the final forms and collectibles in Cally’s Caves 3.  So until we have the time to make a nice video for our Youtube Channel, here are the locations of everything for those that are looking:

Weapon/Final Form Locations

  • Pistol – have it by default
  • Pistol Final Form – Level 38+
  • Shotgun – level 3
  • Shotgun Final Form – level 48+
  • Assault Rifle – level 14
  • Assault Rifle Final Form – Bonus 1
  • RPG – level 23
  • RPG Final Form – Bonus 3
  • Bomb – level 28
  • Bomb Final Form – level 67+
  • Mine – level 69
  • Mine Final Form – level 93+
  • Laser – level 87
  • Laser Final Form – level 101+
  • Bladegun – level 77
  • Bladegun Final Form – Reward for Beating Survival Mode
  • Flamethrower – Level 63
  • Flamethrower Final Form – Level 85+
  • Sniper – Purchased with Survival Mode(iOS)/level 101 (Android)
  • Sniper Final Form – Level 105+
  • Boomerang – Level 48
  • Boomerang Final Form – Level 78+
  • Spike Gun – Level 39
  • Spike Gun Final Form – Level 74+


Collectible Locations


  • level 7
  • level 13
  • level 24
  • level 30
  • level 40
  • level 49
  • level 70
  • level 79
  • level 90
  • level 94
  • level 100
  • level 107
  • level 4+
  • level 16+
  • level 35+
  • level 55+
  • level 71+


  • level 21
  • level 31
  • level 33
  • level 43
  • level 54
  • level 66
  • level 70
  • level 77
  • level 80
  • level 84
  • level 92
  • level 93
  • level 102
  • level 105
  • level 107
  • level 108
  • level 9+
  • level 18+
  • level 25+
  • level 30+
  • level 43+
  • level 58+
  • level 66+
  • level 83+


  • level 9
  • level 18
  • level 27
  • level 35
  • level 39
  • level 47
  • level 49
  • level 52
  • level 59
  • level 66
  • level 72
  • level 81
  • level 85
  • level 91
  • level 95
  • level 96
  • level 102
  • level 104
  • level 107
  • level 108


  • level 7+
  • level 11+
  • level 12+
  • level 15+
  • level 17+
  • level 25+
  • level 27+
  • level 28+
  • level 34+
  • level 39+
  • level 41+
  • level 49+
  • level 51+
  • level 56+
  • level 66+
  • level 77+
  • level 81+
  • level 84+
  • level 93+
  • level 95+
  • level 100+
  • level 107+

295 thoughts on “Weapons & Collectibles

  1. Totally love the game, but I cannot find some weapons no matter how hard I try : the sniper and the final RPG and assault rifle seem too well hidden for me.

    1. The sniper is gonna be fixed in an update next week on android, or on iOS you get the sniper for purchasing survival mode…
      The final rpg and final assault are found in bonus levels you access by collecting all of a type of collectible 🙂

      1. Fantastic game, can’t wait for the update. I’m just wondering and I could be wrong but I think one of the ‘records’ is missing. I’ve been over and over and can’t find it anywhere. I think this is to unlock bonus 1 to get the assault rifle final form.

      2. Oh, so the Sniper gonna need to fixed huh? damn, I was so confuse where is the Sniper? I didn’t see in level 101, I just only got the Sniper final form

      3. I have a really awkward problem. I unlocked Bonus 1, however I left the level before collecting the final rifle. If I collect all Records again, will I be able to get it?

      4. I have a similar problem with getting all the records. There is 1 record that can only be obtained by using Bera on level 94 (I watched the walkthrough on youtube). It is also right next to the emergency button. However, it only triggers once when you collect a power up. You cannot collect the power up again so the event to use Bera doesnt get triggered again, therefore you cant collect the record again. Or rather, if you collect the power up but fail to collect the record the first time, you wont be able to enter that bonus level at all. Maybe it can be fixed by always triggering the event to use Bera even if the power up has already been collected.

      5. I have picked up 2 final forms so far, the pistol and shotgun. But when I picked up the weapons I didn’t have the pistol/shotgun equipped when I picked up there final forms so it said about a different weapon ( in my case the bladegun) . the final form appearance has changed but did the damage and special modifiers increase and change although it showed the bladegun stats.

  2. Is there any way to go back to the bonus levels from collectables?
    I got stuck in the map on one and wasn’t able to complete it

    1. Normally yea because the collectibles restore after you finish the bonus level… But now that I think about it if you glitch out it might not restore them… We will definitely add a restore collectibles option in the next update after the one next week!

      1. Hi!
        I can’t find one of the records, even after I’ve played the game again. I’m on IOS.
        Please help me!

  3. Do your weapons have to be at a certain level before their Final Form can be found? I’m at the shaft of light in level 48+ where the Shotgun Final Form should be, but there is nothing in the light. My Shotgun is only Level 14, but I was able to find the Pistol Final Form when it was at Level 17.

    1. Hmm, well, I just leveled my Shotgun up to “19”, and it went straight to 20, so I guess I got it somehow without getting the notification for it?

  4. Um, how to see what collectible we already have? And which ones we’re missing? Or are we expected to go through every single level to even find which ones we’re missing??

      1. That does not show which ones you’re missing. If I’m at 24/25, then I have to go through every single level to find which one I’m missing?

      1. On another note, I played through each level stated thoroughly multiple times, but I’m still missing one record. I’m new to this website, so I’m not aware where I’m supposed to denounce glitches, but the game also limits my capacity of consumables to only two. The other spaces are empty, but I can’t collect any more. Does anyone relate to this?

  5. I accidentally came out of the bonus 1 screen before collecting the final gun. So i tried to collect the diaries all over again but i cannot get the diary on level 90 as beru is supposed to get it. there was cut scene when first going to level 93, which cally gets shocked and you control beru to find her which finds the diary en route. when going to this stage again, we aren’t able to control beru which means we cannot get the dairy on level 90 and are unable to reach bonus 1 again.

    Is there a solution that can fix this?

    1. I’m really sorry but that’s a really specific bug that is triggered by the fact that the one diary is in bera’s level, however in our last update we lowered the threshold for the diaries, so you only need to collect 16, not all 18 to get to the bonus level! Please let me know if that doesn’t work for you and we will address it 🙂

  6. Hi! I’ve beaten the survival mode a bunch of times, and get rewarded with the final form of the blade gun, but I can never keep it. It goes back to level 19 right after I leave the survival mode. Just thought I’d let you guys know in case it’s a bug.

  7. I encountered a glitch that made the upgrade screen for the Level 20 Bladegun not show any text or sprites (just the explosions and a black screen). Since I REALLY don’t want to exit out of the game and go through Survival Mode again, it would be great if you could just tell me the upgrade description and name I was supposed to see.

    1. It’s omnidirectional blades, extra bounces, and more damage for the description, I have the weapon name at home so I’ll post that here when I get back shortly!! Sorry about the glitch tho

    2. Wait a second. I am at Level 33 of the third Survival Stage right now. How the heck did I get the final Bladegun already? That may have something to do with the comment from philphilosophy about not keeping it.

  8. The Web Shooters are incorrectly labelled as “Fireball” somewhere in the game’s code. That name shows up whenever you switch to them while cycling through weapons. I assume that was what they were originally going to be.

  9. What is the difference between each modifier, specifically Electro and Poison? Are those purely differentiated by enemy immunities and their ability to stack, or is there something I’m missing? Either way, you may want to consider making the distinction more clear on this website and possibly in the game.

  10. I have been playing through this for several days now. Heavily enjoying the game. But I can’t find the sniper rifle, or the last record. I went through the whole world three times looking for each. But disappointed that they aren’t showing up.

      1. I’m playing it on an amazon fire phone. Decided to go into new game plus then go back and check for both items, still nothing.

  11. It’s fine. You guys do a good job with these games. If you continue the collectibles in future games. Maybe try to add in a device that could be bought, which would give a signal when your in a room with an item to still collect. That way people will know if they over looked something, or if it’s missing.

  12. I couldn’t find the mine and my guns are at lv 19 and won’t go up and my lv is at 20 and wont go up and is there something that let’s you go under water

  13. Hi! I have couple of questions.
    1. Can you publish the locations of prototype weapons and their final forms?
    2. Can you add a special button on title screen, to make you being able to visit bonus levels, that you have ever reached? To save it from farming, i think its could be non-money version.
    I hope you’ve understood what i meant.

      1. Thanks, I loved this game, please do the four can be sure that the players support, especially me, I am Brazilian hug

  14. How do you get the sniper on PC? I’m around the 77 mark and there doesn’t seem to be anyway to get it.

  15. There’s lock icon in the upper right corner (I’m talking about android version of the game).
    What is this?
    How to unlock it?

    1. records go to bonus 1 (final assault rifle)
      orbs go to bonus 2 (extra story scene)
      diaries go to bonus 3 (final rpg)
      mementos go to bonus 4 (Crescent wave for sword)

  16. Hmm. Whenever I try to buy consumables, it says “Inventory Full,” but when I look in the inventory, there’s nothing there. Is that a bug, or do I need to get some kind of item to store collectibles? For more info, my device is an iPad Air with iOS 9.3.

  17. Bladegun final form not sticking still. Beat the survival mode but it reverts to 19 as soon as I start something good else. Web and slime guns also revert to level 1. I’m on Android 6.0.1 on a nexus 6.

      1. I re-leveled up the 3 Melvin’s area guns and found the final forms in one sitting, and they stuck. I also beat the survival mode again and the bladegun icon was missing from the beam of light, it showed the upgrade screen for the weapon I was using, but the gun selection screen showed bladegun level 20. It stuck this time.

  18. I am looking for the mementos, there should be 22, but in the list you published there are only 21 and I can’t find the last one so please, rewrite the list if there is something wrong

  19. Hey where do we find web shooters final form? It’s the only one I need to ge t to level 20.

    1. Level 21 of the Melvin’s Lab expansion… its the one where you start on the bottom left of a huge room with a bunch of paths you can take all to your right. Jump all the way to the top and the final web shooters are in the top right of the level

    1. no problem, sorry I can’t remember the specific level – I can check when i get back home. But its in the dark blue tile set area, level 5-10 of melvins zone or so. Its buried behind a ton of bomb blocks, happy hunting!

      1. Hello I would like to know what are the modifiers supposed to do I bought them but I see no effect on the enemys I would like to know the answer for this thank you fr your time 😀 oh and best game you guys are awesome.

      2. Thank you! You have to go in and equip the mod in the inventory screen and then it will have a visible effect/damage on the enemy. You’ll see the mod symbol in the weapon swap when it’s equipped

  20. I have encountered a pretty annoying bug; it looks like others have experienced something similar, but not quite the same. I finally beat Survival Mode and found the final form of the bladegun, but as soon as I picked it up, it reverted to the level 1 form (although the upgrade worked). As soon as I reloaded the game, I no longer had the bladegun at all! The entire thing is no longer selectable in any way… Is there a way to get it back?

      1. huh, I thought we had that bug squashed. Unfortunately on iOS there isn’t any way to fix it other than us patching it in an update, so i will get to work on solving the problem and getting an update ready. I’m really sorry about that! If you have a PC i cold give you free steam keys for our games on steam to make up for the hassle :/

  21. I mean, PC is my main gaming platform, so that would be awesome–but don’t feel obligated! I really appreciate your responsiveness and willingness to work through problems. Other than this one bug, the game has worked flawlessly. I’ve already recommended it highly to my buddies. Keep up the good work!

  22. It’s 2016 and u still haven’t updated a way to keep track of we’re the other collectibles are that u still need or is my device just messed up or missing an update

  23. Hi! What do the weapon upgrades like poison etc do? Are they just a damage increase? I have bought a few but haven’t noticed a difference. Maybe I haven’t tried them enough?

    Also a suggestion – would it be possible to set up a quick change between weapon presets? For example I’d love to quickly change between laser and RPG without reaching to the top of the screen. I find that in the middle of a battle tapping through the weapons is too hard and I always miss the one I need, but holding the weapon change takes too long and I take damage–and I have to move my hand position. I don’t know the perfect solution but something worth thinking about! Maybe because I’m playing on an iPad.

    Thanks so much for a great game.

    1. Hey there, thanks so much for playing our game! Regarding the quick swap, try holding down on the weapon swap box 🙂
      For the poison, you have to go into your inventory in the pause menu and activate the mods manually – both of these things were totally failures on my part to explain them better in the game, so I am really sorry about that! But hopefully this message will resolve that.

      I can’t thank you enough for playing our game!

      1. Ah, thank you that’s very helpful about the weapon upgrades!

        For the weapon switching, my problem is that when playing on the iPad, either flipping through multiple weapons orrrrrr holding down to get to the menu takes too long, and on the big screen I need to completely change my hand position d move my right hand so I can’t jump, shoot, or use the sword while switching. Holding down the weapon takes at least a second if not a bit more, which is a bit too long when in a dangerous situation. So I was thinking for the iPad version it would be better maybe if there was a way to quick change to presets, or even go through the list or get to the menu, without moving the right hand. Something in the bottom left, maybe a button to immediately bring up the gun menu? Or maybe swiping on the shoot button? Not sure, also would need to avoid triggering by accident. Just a thought–I find because it’s awkward I tend to just use one or two weapons rather than experimenting with them and switching from situation to situation. Also maybe a way to turn on and off the upgrades from the main screen? 🙂

        Thanks again!!

  24. Great game.

    I just beat the game and I have all the weapons leveled up to LVL 19 before I even got to Herbert’s castle.

    For the collectibles, there’s currently no tracker set up correct? As I am still missing a few and have been through a few of the levels multiple times. No big deal, but it would be nice to have.

    2) Simple fix, but is there a way for you to know what level you are on without having to go to the map and checking the checkpoints?

    1. There isn’t a tracker unfortunately, but we have definitely learned that lesson for the next game, and we are gonna have tracker power ups. I’m really sorry about that! But thank you for supporting our game

      1. It shows I have 19/20 records. On my old device I had all of the records. I don’t know why I can’t find this last record.

      2. It’s ok. Thank you for the quick response and patience.
        Reply me if you can fix the bug. 😄😄😅

  25. I have 19/20 records. Played through the game another three times and I can’t seem to find the last record.

      1. I am currently playing in the Android. I have 19/20 records, 21/22 momentos and 23/24 orbs. And if you would like to, I can re-download steam again.

  26. How much are the steam versions? I haven’t been on steam in a long time but Cally with joystick play would be awesome.

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