Skater Cally Presskit

This is the Presskit for Skater Cally, Releasing September 25th on steam, and later on iOS/Android.

Start your Career as a Professional Skateboarder

Skater Cally is a 2d Arcade Skateboarding game where you can help Cally make her life dream of becoming a Professional Skateboarder come true. The Career Mode consists of Cally skating courses set all across Mayfeather City and attempting to complete 3 career goals per level. As you complete goals, you will unlock new areas of the City to skate in. The gameplay is fast-paced, and the responsive controls allow you to pull off a variety of tricks, such as Fliptricks, Grabs, Grinds, Manuals, and Special Tricks. To master the Career Mode, you’ll have to find the best lines to utilize these tricks on, linking them to create massive combos. There are 117 courses to master across 4 areas of Mayfeather City.

Freeskate the City

Once you have completed the Career Mode, you will unlock Freeskate Mode, which links together all 117 career courses into one giant, seamless level. Pick your starting point and take your skating to the next level by linking combos between levels, allowing you to reach scores that are unattainable in Career Mode. Can you skate the entire city in one run without bailing?

Skater Cally Features

  • 117 Levels across 4 areas of Mayfeather City
  • Career Mode with Goals that must be achieved to unlock new areas to Skate
  • Freeskate Mode that links all the levels together and makes one seamless Open World
  • Responsive Trick system including Fliptricks, Grabs, Grinds, Gaps, Manuals and Special Tricks
  • Bone-Shattering Bails
  • Bonuses for more style and trick variety
  • Save your favorite Instant Replays to watch later

Skater Cally releases September 25th on Steam.

Check out the trailer:

Gameplay video:

Steam page for the game:

Logo, Key Art & Screenshots can be downloaded in .zip format here:

Developer Info:

VDO Games is an independent game developer from Canada and the United States. They are the developers behind the Cally’s Caves series of games, and have released 4 games in the Cally franchise since 2013. Skater Cally will be the first sports game from VDO Games, and was developed by July and Jordan.

Developer Website:

If you need more info or Steam keys, contact Jordan at

Thank you for your time,

July & Jordan

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