Skater Cally Releases on Steam in September, Beta is Open!

We are proud to announce that our next game, Skater Cally, will come out on Steam in September 2018, and we are starting the final beta test for the game right now!

title combo small7

Skater Cally is an arcade Skateboarding game, set in the Cally universe.  Your goal is to pull off sick combos in the streets of Mayfeather City using fliptricks, grabs, grinds, manuals, and special tricks, like 720s and backflips.  Anyone who has played some of the great skateboarding games of the past should feel right at home with the Skater Cally combo system.

As you progress through Skater Cally’s Career Mode, you will unlock different areas of the city to skate in by completing 3 goals in each level.  The game will ship with 101 levels across 4 different biomes, and will have Career Mode and a Freeskate Mode. Freeskate Mode presents the game as one massive, connected level.  This allows you to skate the whole game in one session, and you can extend combos over multiple levels, achieving higher scores than what’s possible in Career Mode.


We are planning on releasing the game on other platforms as well. iOS and Android versions will be out before Christmas, and we are looking into other options for the future.

Our New Artist July

VDO Games has undergone some changes since Cally’s Caves 4, with OHKO departing to pursue other projects.  Our new Artist starting with Skater Cally is July, who’s portfolio you can check out here.  July has been doing a great job and we look forward to making more games together once Skater Cally is out!

The Beta

We are running a closed beta through steam until the first week of September.  If you are interested in checking the beta out and providing feedback, please join our discord group.  We will be running and collecting beta feedback there for the next few weeks.  If you have any trouble joining the discord group, feel free to email Jordan at  Thanks for reading this, and we hope you will enjoy Skater Cally!

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