Cally’s Caves 3 being shown at Playcrafting NYC tonight!

We’ve learned that in game development, networking with people that play your game can really help you get your game’s name out there.  During the beta test phase of the Cally’s Caves 3 development cycle, Bernardo Espanol of volunteered his time to help test and give feedback on the game through Twitter.  Now, he’s doing us another huge favor by volunteering to show off our game at an event called Playcrafting NYC tonight.

bomb explode

At Playcrafting NYC, Bernardo is going to show off 3 international indie games, whose creators he has networked with on social media.  Tottoko Dungeon and an unnamed alpha by indie developer Rohan Narang are the other two titles.  Bernardo also makes his own games, but we think its really cool that he would take the time to volunteer to show three indie games from around the world in New York City.  You can read all about the presentation here.


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