11 thoughts on “Cally’s Caves 3 is out now and FREE!

  1. I am loving the game. My only problem is when i try to activate my purchases, i have to do it every time.

  2. I am stuck in the forest level. When I try to attack a enemy with the bear nothing happens. Please fix

  3. I’ve beaten the regular game, so I purchased the Best Deal pack. I have received the sniper rifle, but the new game plus mode, and survivalist have not been unlocked. I am have also updated the game to no avail. Please help.

    1. We are hard at work on the next update to fix this exact glitch! But in the meantime you can go to the Iap menu and click “restore purchases” as a temporary workaround and it will allow access. Sorry for the inconvenience!

  4. Fun game, but too much insta-kill water/lava. They should make it that if you die by an enemy, you go back to a checkpoint, but if you die from an environmental hazard, you go back to the beginning of a level.

  5. I’m having trouble getting all of the records. I’ve gone through every level twice but I can’t find the 20th record :/

    1. Here are the locations:
      Level 9
      Level 18
      Level 27
      Level 35
      Level 47
      Level 52
      Level 59
      Level 66
      Level 72
      Level 81
      Level 85
      Level 91
      Level 95
      Level 102
      Level 104
      Level 107
      Level 49
      Level 39
      Level 96
      Level 108

      Sorry those last few are not listed in chronological order. Hope this helps!

      1. Ay thanks! I was kinda hoping I would get a music player once I found all of them :p oh well, a final form is nice. Also there are some glitches with the final forms:
        – when gun is leveled up to level 20, I can’t see the small cutscene
        – a final form doesn’t level a gun up to level 19
        Do you think you could get those fixed?

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