We are based in Canada and make indie games for iOS, Android and Steam.

Any inquiries can be sent to Jordan at jordanfwc@gmail.com

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  1. Just wanted to say that the italian translation of the name of CC3 is wrong – it should be “Le Caverne di Cally 3” or you could just leave the original english name, as it just sounds better. But the current “Di Cally Caves 3” is simply incorrect.

  2. I’ve been going back to get the rest of the collectibles, and it is turning out to be rather tedious, even with the help of the location list you guys published. It’s not that I can’t find them, it’s that I can’t figure out which ones I HAVE found, and which ones I haven’t. If you are still updating CC3, would you maybe consider adding in some sort of indicator, either ingame or on the map, to show that we have obtained a given collectible on a given level. As it is, it’s hard to tell whether the reason I’m not finding a record on a particular level is because I got it already, or because I just need to look harder. Even just an ‘x/x’ counter on for each zone map would help.

    1. Thank you for the feedback. This is definitely one of the main pieces of feedback we will be sure to address in our next game, we will likely have a counter by default and a radar/pointer thing as a power up or something. I’m really sorry it wasn’t fleshed out better in CC3, but we appreciate your support and feedback!

      1. Good to know I wasn’t the only one…

        Besides, it was really only a minor issue. Seriously though, I may buy the steam version despite having beaten the IOS one, just to support you guys a bit more. Also maybe because I wanna see what sort of hilarity will ensue from combining the semiauto weapons with a turbo macro…

        On an unrelated note, I was slightly disappointed to discover today that the harpoons the spike gun shoots travel slightly too fast for me to jump on and ride across the level. It’s still pretty funny to do for the short time I can stay on, though…;)

  3. So I’ve noticed a couple of possible bugs in the Steam version of CC3.

    neither lava nor water (prior to getting the water wings) is instant death anymore, instead dealing continuous knockback and damage while Cally is in contact with them.

    falling into lava makes the same sound as falling into water, complete with the water colored splash sprite

    finally, it doesn’t appear possible to roll while moving (I’m using my keyboard), necessitating that I come to a stop, THEN hit either of the roll buttons.

    otherwise, it’s a GREAT port! Looking forward to the next game!

    1. also (I just found this one) it is possible to die during the credits if you jump into the pit after Herbert gets hit off of the cliff. You respawn during the credits and land on the left side of the screen with a dire wolf. It doesn’t actually hurt you, but the wolf bite sound will play on a loop throughout the entire credits sequence

  4. Anybody know how to find the thing wich makes the Rpg go to level 20? Ive been looking for it and cant find it… Same thing with the machine gun 😦

  5. Hey, I was going through Herbert’s lab, and then I got the strength upgrade that freezes Cally and went to Bera. But then got interrupted and had to stop playing. When I came back the game restarted and I was Cally again, and the strength upgrade is already gone and I can’t get back to Bera. How do I get the emergency button?

  6. Great game by the way,,,, I am in Cally’s Cave 3… beat the game, did Beras Quest, did Melvins Zone… and THEN decided to buy New Game+. After buying it, it said I must beat the regular game first. Okay… so I went directly to the last map and beat Herbert. . . . but it still says I must beat the regular game.

    So rather than spend a lot of time searching around. . . can you tell me what I am missing here to start New Game+? … whats the simplest way to get there from where I am…..

    1. That is really weird, I haven’t come across this bug before. After you beat herbert in the regular game and see the credits, it should allow you to start new game +, that is the point where the glitch is happening. Do you play games on steam at all?

  7. I love this game! However, I bought the Best Game Update and iTunes said the purchase was successful but, New Game Plus and Survival mode weren’t showing up. However, when I checked on iTunes, it said that I had spent 5 dollars . I tried clicking on New Game Plus and Survival mode but I got the purchase menu again

    1. If you try hitting “restore purchases” that seems to solve any problems related to this we’ve had before! For some reason sometimes they don’t register the first time, I’m really sorry about the inconvenience. Let me know if it works!

      1. It worked 🙂 Thanks for your help! And you replied really fast! Can’t wait for the next game!

      2. Awesome I’m glad to hear it worked!!! Enjoy the game and thank you for your support. Hopefully next game the purchases will stick the first time!

  8. I just downloaded the game and survival is already available but I thought that I had to purchase it and in turn it would remove the ads. I can’t find any in-game menu to purchase anything so that I can remove the ads. How do I remove the ads?

  9. Heya !
    I’m trying to play Cally’s Caves 3 on IOS (iphone 6s) with an Ipega gamepad controller (icade mode). The game doesn’t seem to recognize it unfortunately…
    Any chance to make this work ?

    if not, any recommendations on a compatible bluetooth controller ?
    Thanks and thank you for this great game ! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. Hey Luca, thanks for checking it out! Unfortunately we don’t have plans to do controller support for ios anymore. We originally wanted to really bad, but were just never able to afford to get some to test the game with. If you game on steam, I’d be happy to hook you up with a code for the game there, which has full controller support! If so, hit me up on twitter DM and let me know you’re from here and ill send you a steam key 😀

      1. Ciao Jordan !
        Thank you for such a quiiiiiiick reply, waoow ! 🙂
        OK got it, I’ll let you know for sure if I move to steam.
        Keep up the good work ! 🙂

  10. Hi, I love your game Cally’s Caves 3, it’s the best mobile game ive ever played and ive played alot, i started playing it and beat it last year then put it away, i picked it back up again and i just beat it again and i learned of the steam version and i was wondering what is so different about it to buy it, i would love to speedrub this game but, well its quite impossible on mobile, anyways thanks for the great game (:

    1. Thank you so much for the support!
      The steam version is mostly the same as the mobile version, with the one big difference being that it has controller support. Content-wise though, it is the exact same game 🙂

  11. Please help with level 97 in cc3! When you get to the first platform what do you do to get up to the next one? It seems like you need to triple jump.

  12. Hi. I like this game a lot, expecially the third one. I was wondering if there is going to be a 4th and wanted to know if there was a date (around) when it would.be released at for iOS.

    Also there was a bug in CC3 where I got a new gun, but when I turned the game off and on again it just didn’t appear in the weapon select options.

    It’s ok though 😀

  13. Hi! I have already finished the standard game only to find out that there’s an Emergency Button activator on Bera Section in Herbert’s Lab! I can’t seem to be transformed into Bera, when I tried that same level again, in order to activate it. What shall I do? 😦

    Awesome game, by the way! 🙂

    1. Thank you for checking out our game! Unfortunately, that section is one-time only, so the only way to replay that section is to wipe your save and start the game over 😦 I am so sorry about that! When we made cc3, we never thought so many players would exit out of the game during that section, and we are doing our best to make sure something like this never happens again. I am so sorry

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